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Learn AWS for Beginners

A boot-camp approach to DevOps on AWS with Docker and ECS

The idea of the course is to teach why and how to deploy Docker containers at scale in AWS. But it's not just that.

The course builds up all the knowledge about Elasticity and Scalability with EC2 Instances and Auto Scaling Groups first, before diving deeper into the Container Services.

This course is also for everyone who never touched the AWS console before.

Along the way you learn how to build a Network Stack (VPC) and how to store Data in S3 or EFS. You learn both the Fargate and Ec2 Launch Types with Capacity Providers. And you will know how to build your own CI/CD Pipeline to pipe code from CodeCommit through CodeBuild to ECS seamlessly.

At the end there is a final project to deploy a Laravel Application + Amazon RDS + ElastiCache + Parameter Store + SSL Termination + CI/CD Pipeline into an ECS Cluster.

First published in April 2020. Get it here:

Complete 2020 AWS ECS DevOps Masterclass For Total Beginners
<p>Welcome to the best and only resource you need to learn <strong>AWS ECS - EC2 & Fargate, Docker Production Deployments, CI/CD with CodePipeline, Networking, Elasticity and Scalability with Load Balancer, Auto Scaling Groups and many more topics. </strong></p><p>This course covers <em>everything</…

Learn Docker

A hands-on boot-camp for learning Docker

The course teaches one thing: Docker. From the ground up. Hands-on.

You will learn the basic Docker commands, like running, stopping, starting, removing containers.

Then you will learn how to create your own Docker images with Dockerfiles. These images will get also uploaded to an image registry (docker-hub).

After that you will build development environments using docker-compose. You will get to know the docker-compose.yml file from the inside out.

At the end are two projects: First the dockerization of a WordPress development environment using docker-compose. Then we containerize a Laravel Application using docker-compose.

First published in July 2019, updated in April 2020:

The Complete Docker Bootcamp for Web Developers (2020)
<p>** Update April 2020: Added a Laravel Section to the Course - Install and Containerize a Laravel Application usind Docker and Docker-Compose **</p><p>Are you fed up not knowing...</p><ul><li><p>...what happens when you run “docker run” commands?</p></li><li><p>...how to create your own images usi…

Learn Blockchain

A real masterclass for Ethereum Blockchain Development

The idea of this course is to understand, comprehend and actually do blockchain development.

The course teaches the basics. How to do transactions. What are the different networks. What are all the tools for.

But then it rapidly goes into Solidity Development. There is a fairly long section about Solidity development which is combined Theory and Labs based learning.

After learning Solidity everything is moved into local development with Truffle. You learn Ganache as well as libraries and frameworks such as OpenZeppelin. You will build React based decentralized Applications. You will also know how to deploy them using the Truffle-HDWallet-Provider and Infura.

Besides all the theory and labs, there are also 3 large full dApp Projects from beginners to advanced usages. A Shared on-chain wallet, a supply chain solution, and an asset tokenization project.

You will learn all about Web3, Go-Ethereum, Private and Public Networks, Events, Error Handling, etc etc.

First recorded in 2017, completely re-recorded in 2020:

Ethereum Blockchain Developer Bootcamp With Solidity (2020)
<p><strong>**</strong>Updated March 2020: New Full Project - Asset Tokenisation Using Open-Zeppelin ERC-20 Smart Contracts, Truffle 5, Solidity 0.6, MetaMask & React<strong>**</strong></p><p>Welcome to the <strong>Complete Ethereum Blockchain Development Bootcamp With Solidity</strong> - created by …

Certify Your Blockchain Knowledge

An Ethereum Development Certification Preparation

In 2018 I got approached by the blockchain training alliance to co-create their CBDE, the Certified Blockchain Developer - Ethereum Examination. I was part of the initial team putting questions together, I also wrote large parts of their Teaching Guide.

Naturally, I started to create a smaller course teaching what's asked in the CBDE examination.

Get it here:

Pass The Certified Blockchain Developer Exam - Ethereum CBDE
<p>Seen Everyone Get Involved With Blockchain, But You’re Not Sure On How To?</p> <p>Got Involved With The Blockchain, But Not Sure On How To Certify Your Knowledge?</p> <p>Maybe You’re An Experienced Professional, And Want To Gain A Blockchain Certification?</p> <p>Well, worry no more!</p> <p>I…

Learn Blockchain Investments

A Guide For Blockchain Project Investors

In 2017 the ICO craze hit. But not every project was credible. For outsiders it's hard to understand what a technical sound project is and what's just marketing babble.

This course deep dives into all aspects of blockchain projects. Both from an economic point of view, as well as from a technical point of view.

It's co-created with Martin Moschits, an MIT graduate, Ravinder Deol who taught over 100k Students online and myself.

Get it here:

Cryptocurrency ICO A-Z™: Become A Smart ICO Investor
<p>Cryptocurrency ICO A-Z™: Become A Smart ICO Investor - is the most complete course helping you to understand, evaluate, and make smart investments in Cryptocurrency ICOs.</p> <p><strong>More About The Cryptocurrency ICO Course</strong></p> <p>This course is perfect for anyone who wa…

Create Beautiful Free Websites

A Guide To Create Free Websites with SSL without Coding

This course is a culmination of dozens of people asking me about CMS and e-commerce systems. Be it WordPress, Pimcore, Shopify, Magento, Webflow, etc...

I have tried them all and I can setup all of them. But, unless you are a large content provider or do really frequent updates, why the hassle of setting up dynamic systems that need updates (and cost money)?

So, I was looking around for a solution to a 100% free and easy to use system. It basically ticks all my boxes:

  • Beautiful and easy WYSIWYG Editor - no coding
  • My mother can use it, yes, so easy (after the initial setup, given that)
  • It's 100% free
  • You can connect a custom Domain with SSL
  • It's not vendor locked-in, you are free to go whenever or wherever you want

Learn it in the course:

Create A 100% Free and Responsive Website (Without Coding!)
<p><strong>Are you wondering how to create a Website for free? Including beautiful Design and free Hosting?</strong> I did. And now I will show you how can too!</p><p>Before I discovered THIS method I tried <em>all the services</em> out there and paid <em>hundreds</em> of Dollars for Hosting and tho…

Old But Good

These are courses and resources I keep online, but barely update. Either because a completely new version appeared, or, because I lost interest in the topic, or the topic itself is outdated.

Build a Game on the Blockchain

A decentralized, round-based Game Development Course

In this course you are building a TicTacToe game, which runs entirely on the Blockchain.

Build a Blockchain Game: Ethereum Game Development Skills
<p>Have you seen everyone else get involved with Ethereum...</p> <p><strong>But you’re confused on how to join?</strong></p> <p>Have you heard about Ethereum Development...</p> <p><strong>But not sure how to build something practical?</strong></p> <p>Maybe, you’re interested in lea…

Build A Decentralized Exchange

An Advanced Masterclass Blockchain Developer Course

In this course you are building a simple decentralized Exchange. It was created before DEX became "a thing". A lot of the code in the course is conceptually ok but this is obviously not a complete DEX, not battle tested, and not ready for "production" on a large scale.

So, why then? The idea was to teach advanced concepts of how to use mappings, structs, smart contract structures, etc.

Turned out, once you got started the right way (see my Blockchain Development Course above), you get the advanced topics anyways. So, I stopped updating this course, although it's still a good course.

Ethereum Developer Masterclass: Build Real World Projects
<p>Ethereum Developer Masterclass: Build Real World Projects - is the most complete Ethereum Blockchain Development course online helping you to build complex, real world, ethereum based distributed applications using solidity successfully.</p> <p><strong>More About The Ethereum Developer Mastercla…

Learn Pimcore 4 CMS

Datamanagement, Website Builder, CMS, Ecommerce Solution, and many more things

With Pimcore you get a very powerful tool. I followed them since Version 3 and was never disappointed.

From their Website: "Manage, aggregate, and distribute any digital product and master data for any channel and deliver user-centric personalized customer experiences on any device."

And that's just true. Is it a CMS? Yeah. Is it a PIM tool? Yes. Is it a marketing platform? Yeah. Is it an ecommerce solution? Absolutely. Is it WYSIWYG? Yes. Can it do feature XYZ? Absolutey. It can be anything you want, like a CMS Framework.

In the course we are building a simple CMS with Pimcore based on a bootstrap theme.

It uses Pimcore 4. Then came Pimcore 5, which changed some API syntax, now we are at Pimcore 6, which completely overhauled large parts of the Syntax.

Pimcore 4 Developer: Implement a Blog from a Bootstrap Theme
<ul><li>Hands-On! <strong>implement a bootstrap theme</strong> or any other themes in Pimcore</li><li>Create powerful <strong>re-usable </strong> drag&drop block elements</li><li>Perfect for<strong> Developers/Freelancers/Agencies<br></strong></li><li>Full <strong>source code provided</strong></li><…

Books and Others

Learn Ethereum

A book following the Video Course

This book is following my video course series about Ethereum Development. It's a hands-on blue-print book where you get to apply everything from the video course in a paper-format.

Available now at your favorite digital store!
Ethereum Blockchain Developer - The Bootcamp by Thomas Wiesner and Colleen Wtorek

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