WordPress Alternative for Freelancers/Agencies/Teams: Including Git, Vagrant, MySQL, Bootstrap-Theme Implementation

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  • Want to know how to create a blog with Pimcore or how to create free blogging platforms?
  • Learn to implement themes with powerful re-usable WYSIWYG drag&drop
  • Skip the steep learning curve and do data-driven web-design?

It is no problem with this course - you'll never look back. Learn how to make your own website with Pimcore! Or create your personal blog!

I will teach you everything there is to know to get started successfully with Pimcore. If you are looking into a WordPress Alternative or Joomla! Alternative then you reached the right place!

See you in the course and see how we start with how to install Pimcore to how to implement a Blog in Pimcore. All of this in one single course!

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