You want to incorporate the Ethereum Blockchain into your technology stack? You know of Solidity, Truffle, MetaMask, ERC20 or ERC721, but don't know how they really play together? Or you have security concerns?

If you are looking for someone who has fundamental experience with smart contract development and computer science then read on.

I am hosting some of the most successful Ethereum Blockchain Developer courses online. Additionally, I am in executive positions for more than a decade. I am working with small to fortune-500 corporations to solve problems with custom tailored solutions.

You are looking into Solidity / Ethereum Blockchain Consulting? Rates start at 300€/h.

You are interested in on-site 2-3 days Solidity and Ethereum bootcamps? You and your team want to gain all the knowledge to start with Ethereum Blockchain Development? Courses start at 1200€/pp with a minimum of 5.

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