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I Believe You Can!

In a perfect world, we are working what we truly believe in. Not for the money, but for something we are willing to give blood and sweat. Something that makes us thrieve.

Steve Jobs founded Apple and made it successful by selling the idea to the audience. Not by selling the features or by cheap pricing, but by conveying his passion. He made his team stand behind his ideas, not him, and work for the greater cause. He aligned everyone in the bus and created one of the most successful brands in human history.

I am always teaching the things I learned the hard way. I do this by telling why things work how they work. Be it as a team-leader, software engineer or course instructor. My official linkedin portfolio says that I am a technology leader with 8+ years experience and hands-on in software engineering. Sometimes I am just a coffee addict.

Because I could find things I am passionate about, I keep learning. Because I learned some things better than others, I keep teaching. And because I never let anyone down, people enjoy working with me. And I am thankful for this opportunity.

Well, I also do know a bit about Operational Management, Architectural Direction, Scalability, Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, Angular, Bootstrap, Material, Truffle, Solidity, Ethereum, Blockchain, Machine Learning, MySQL and Solr.

I am currently working as Director of Software Development here at ProfitSee and I am employed as Full-Stack Developer at Craft-IT. I am doing courses about Ethereum on Udemy and when I try new things I post them on GitHub.

I also love to connect with other professionals.

That's me by the way...

Thomas Wiesner

Talks I have given:

BlockchainHub Graz Meetup #19 - Smart Contracts

Reach out if you want to talk about technology, business or almost anything else.