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Welcome, nice to have you here!

I am programming, teaching, learning, reading and writing code.

My official linkedin portfolio says that I am a technology leader with 8+ years experience and hands-on in software engineering. Sometimes I am just a coffee addict.

In my current and previous roles I was leading teams that design and build highly scalable global financial SaaS applications. I also build, develop and maintain libraries and machine learning algorithms to crawl, process and parse unstructured information from the web.

I was and I still am responsible for software architecture and delivery as part of an engineering team with 5+ engineers. And I do have some experience with SaaS platform development and a good track of delivering high-quality, highly scalable software.

For me the accurate communication of ongoing development is crucial. All stakeholders must be informed and I do know how to manage presentation to the C-Level.

Another important part for successful projects is the accurate and appropriate definition of project scope and schedule.


  • 9+ years of experience as software engineer developing SaaS
  • 3+ years leading / managing software engineering teams
  • I also have a Masters in Computer Science

I do know a bit about Operational Management, Architectural Direction, Scalability, Java, PHP, HTML, CSS, Angular, Bootstrap, Material, Truffle, Solidity, Ethereum, Blockchain, Machine Learning, MySQL and Solr.

I am currently working as Director of Software Development here at ProfitSee and I am employed as Full-Stack Developer at Craft-IT. I am doing courses about Ethereum on Udemy and when I try new things I post them on GitHub.

I also love to connect with other professionals.

That's me by the way...

Thomas Wiesner

Reach out if you want to talk about technology, business or almost anything else.